The Mansion

The eastern neighbor of The Kaszay Mansion is a beautifully restored heritage building, a Protestant Evangelical Church built in 1792. The church was designed by Jozsef Jung and commissioned by Countess Johanna Roth. The Kaszay Mansion which was built in 1820 is not a heritage building, however it is under local building protection.


The Castle of Szirak

The village of Szirak has been a destination point for travelers since The Castle of Szirak was built in 1748 and put the village on the map. The castle was constructed on Tatar-Turkish-torn ruins, and funded by Tamas Roth and Barbara Wattay (the parents of Johanna Roth).

Recently, The Castle of Szirak was purchased by a US based company. Today the castle remains a destination for tourists and locals alike, drawn by its excellent kitchen, stunning horseback riding trails, swimming pool and beautiful conference rooms.